[CES 2022] Digital Healthcare at CES.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has cut people off from each other around the world. Non essential encounters have decreased, and a rapid remote communications era has been created with ICT. However, those who need health and disease care are still required to meet with medical staff in person.

This is why the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has paid particular attention to digital healthcare. Steve Coying, vice president of the U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA), said in a “Noteworthy Trend” session on the 3rd (local time) that “innovation in the digital health sector is necessary in a crisis such as the current pandemic.”

On the 6th (local time), various digital healthcare devices were displayed at Eureka Park, a start-up only hall, in the “HEALTH/WELLNESS” exhibition.

The exhibition booth of “iPIXEL”, a Korean digital healthcare company, attracted the most visitors on that day. iPIXEL presented a remote exercise guidance program called “Exercite.” This is already available in Korea, under the name of HowFIT.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, iPIXEL analyzes users’ movements using a webcam or smartphone camera in real time, in order to ensure they are performing an exercise accurately. You follow the movements of the expert on the screen and the program checks whether you are performing the correct movements, your exercise intensity, etc.

AI analysis is not performed in the cloud, rather on the set-top box itself. Sangsoo Lee, CEO of iPIXEL, explained, “The video information is not sent to the cloud because sensitive information such as the user’s face and their house interior is included. Instead, AI analysis is optimized, conducted on the set-top box, and only results are sent to the cloud.” He added, “Up until today, several companies, including the U.S. bicycle simulation company Peloton, have visited the booth”, explaining,  “I think it will be competitive in the U.S. market, which values personal information protection.”