[KHF 2023] iPixel exhibits AI rehabilitation exercise prescription solution

[KHF 2023] iPixel exhibits AI rehabilitation exercise prescription solution Medical staff, physical therapists, and patient-tailored rehabilitation curriculum provided [Laportian] iPixel (CEO Lee Sang-soo) will participate in the ‘International Hospital and Health Tech Fair’ (K-HOSPITAL+HEALTH TECH FAIR with HIMSS·KHF 2023) held at COEX, Seoul from September 14th to 16th to promote musculoskeletal issues. 

We are introducing ‘EXERCITE Care’, an artificial intelligence (AI) rehabilitation exercise coaching solution that allows professional medical staff and physical therapists to easily provide rehabilitation exercise prescriptions to patients with diseases or people in need of rehabilitation exercise. 

Exercite Care reflects the ▲exercise guide video ▲real-time feedback ▲joint range of motion (ROM) ▲compliance measurement and data conversion needed in the medical field and provides a service that allows rehabilitation exercise solutions to be easily used in various hospitals through a standardization process. do. 

Previously, since last year, through the non-face-to-face leading service commercialization of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) under the Ministry of Science and ICT, it has been applied to joint specialty hospitals designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and tested as a rehabilitation exercise prescription solution linked to electronic medical records (EMR). 

In particular, Exercite Care provides a rehabilitation exercise curriculum created by professional medical staff, physical therapists, and exercise experts, and allows patients to easily configure rehabilitation exercise prescriptions, allowing them to receive real-time feedback from customized rehabilitation exercise prescriptions, composition, analysis, and evaluation. 

iPIXEL emphasized that Exercite Care is a service that is available through smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. in addition to providing professional rehabilitation exercises for the entire life cycle at the same time as the demand for at-home rehabilitation is rapidly increasing due to the increase in the elderly population. 

The global AI home fitness app ‘Exercite’, which was already launched in March of this year, is a service that applies AI technology that runs on LG Smart TV, allowing consumers to experience AI-based exercise coaching on a large screen on the TV through a regular webcam or smartphone. 

You can. IPixel, which has experience in developing and operating AI home fitness services as selected as the best app on Google Play in 2021, has been operating ‘Exercite’ around the world since this year. As of July, the most inflowing country is the United States, but Exercite is also used in India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, and more than 50 countries. 

CEO Lee Sang-soo said, “Digital healthcare should be approached not only in the medical field but also as a service for a healthy life throughout the entire life cycle,” adding, “iPixel can satisfy both consumers and professional medical staff with rehabilitation exercise coaching solutions that are essential for a healthy life.” “It was built so that it can be done,” he said. In addition, he emphasized, “Exercite Care can be applied quickly in a simple way without personal information issues, especially in hospital IT systems, and at the same time, professional medical staff and physical therapists can easily provide exercise curriculum for patients.”