KT Launches GiGA Genie A… AI Live Home Fitness Service "HowFIT" Is Now on Olleh Tv.

KT’s Internet TV (IPTV) service Olleh TV announced on the 8th that it will release the GiGA Genie A, a set top box equipped with the “Google Android TV Operating System (OS)”.

Olleh TV is the first in Korea to offer the latest version of Android TV OS installed on an IPTV set top box.

The distinguishing feature of the GiGA Genie A is that subscribers can download applications (apps) freely from the Google Play store to access the services they want. Various streaming services (OTT) available in Korea can be installed on Olleh TV, and enjoyed on a large screen.

KT is introducing several TV apps for daily life for Olleh TV customers who are now staying home longer, due to COVID-19. This is in partnership with various home entertainment providers.

..On Olleh TV, you can enjoy AI live home fitness “HowFIT”.