Correcting Exercise Technique with a Smartphone… Digital Healthcare Platform ‘HowFIT’

Shinhan Life announced the opening of HowFIT, a digital healthcare platform developed jointly with iPIXEL, on the 15th.

HowFIT is an AI based home workout service that provides coaching by analyzing users movement, counting the frequency of their exercises and providing feedback on their accuracy. This uses AI algorithms running on a smartphone and does not require additional wearable devices.

The official HowFIT app offers over 80 free exercise videos as well as premium “Live Classes” hosted by famous influencers. Live classes allow famous health trainers to coach users and give real time feedback. A ranking system in the class helps users feel like they are taking part in group exercises and increases their motivation.

To lead in the healthcare industry, Shinhan Life is working in collaboration with iPIXEL who have expertise in AI. This collaboration is across all processes from planning, design, development and operation. This is a mutually beneficial model that shares rights, costs and profits together.