About iPIXEL

Creating new content through deep learning

iPIXEL develops content, platforms, and services that connect and integrate new experiences and future values
​​by optimizing sustainable innovative core technologies for more consumers, thereby pioneering new markets.
We open the way to new pleasures by re-constructing existing objects and virtual spaces so that everyone can FEEL the new technology
Please, be our guest and make your own explicit experience through iPIXEL !!
Product and Service

AR Contents

iPIXEL has new experiences and future values to develop interactive contents and collaborative
technology based contents through Augmented Reality. Such as 'People-Object-Virtual World' Connect,
which is based on the world's mobile augmented reality core technology.
To make sure you have various of experiences including AR, PIXEL develops FUN interacting AR contents
Come and let’s bring the technology to our own hands!! 

AI Interactive Service Platform

iPIXEL is developing an interactive user-to-user service platform with Pose Estimation technology.
It is aimed to make artificial intelligence Pose Estimation service easily through all devices of
consumers such as smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, notebook computers, etc.,
rather than simply implementing them in the local devices according to the 5G environment.


Detecting & Classification Structure

Doesn’t it sound super if your handy device can give you information of the object that you are pointing at ? Yes!! That is indeed one of the Technology we are developing. Fastly, acknowledging the objects and providing information accurate DETECTING & CLASSIFICATION. iPIXEL ‘s Deep-Learning Hybrid Structure enables you to easily experience Deep-Learning video technology through various devices.

AI Interative Structure

Technology as Pose Estimation etc. Computer Vision technology is implemented and provided in various directions rather than simple implementation. Soon our new service platform will be updated !

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