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iPIXEL Leads Exciting Exercise Experience For Wellness

We Present AI Home Training Service ‘Exercite’,
Smart Rehab Prescription Solution ‘Exercite Care’
For Customer To Revitalize Exciting and Fitness Experience


Embark of Smart Rehab Prescription

Tailored Rehab Prescriptions & Outcome Management via EMR Integration

Secure App-to-App Connection without Personal Data

Precision Rehab Exercise with VISION AI Technology

AI Coach for Home Fitness

Accurate Pose Coach with AI Motion Recognition

Detailed Analysis of Exercise Progress & Targeted Body

Customized Workout to Fit Your Style & Keep Motivated



Everyday Application of AI Technology

We are pioneering on-device AI technology, allowing computer vision algorithms to run directly on your device without sending data to servers. You can experience AI seamlessly in real-time across various environments, from smartphones and tablets to TVs. 

3D Recognition of Exercise Movements and Measurement of Key Angles

Using a pose estimation model, we’ve implemented exercise recognition algorithms that can recognize exercise postures in real-time on mobile devices. Regardless of the user’s exercise speed or position, our system can recognize movements and provide feedback by comparing joint points and angles with AI exercise data in real-time.

Object Detection / Classification

We can create fast and efficient on-device object detection models. Given an image or real time camera feed, object detection can find the location and category of the objects. We can create custom object detection models to detect specific objects for example a branded drink bottle, or a type of food. Object detection does not require a QR code, bar code or a specific logo, but uses deep learning to detect objects. On most modern Android and iOS smartphones, detection runs at between 30 and 60 FPS.

Standardization of AI Exercise Data

We have a over 1600 standardized exercise database encompassing diverse types of exercises using AI. This enables users to easily and quickly search for their desired exercise types based on the standardized exercise database


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